August 10, 2022

Bodged not bought

The car started as a standard 1.6 16v with 104bhp and the car weighs around 960kg so i want to double the power and torque to give me in the region of 200bhp per tonne.

My main goal over all is to find and document a way to do a 2.0 conversion which is easy to do and carries minimal limitations. I have found a few things that save a lot of effort and make this conversion almost as easy as the puma swap.

1st step was to sort the induction so I removed the EFI and left the ECU to run the ignition while fitting bike carbs. this transformed the car but it was still lacking torque as this mainly improved high end revs. I also set them up to run too rich which resulted in my bottom end bearings failing.

The next step was to repair or replace.

Along came the 2.0 Zetec with 130bhp and 130 lb/ft torque. Rather than pissing about with looms and wiring as i would need to change it all again when going turbo I opted for a piggy back ECU. I have fitted triumph TT600 throttle bodies as this should be a good match for low end torque being slightly narrower the the R6/R1 items that most people tend to use. You have to bare in mind larger opening will gain more PEAK horse power but lose low end torque. On the road we dont drive round at 5-7k so opted for something a lot more useable on the road.

As there was some incompatibility with the extras such as air con and PAS I decided to remove these to further reduce the scavenge effect on the engine. I have opted for an electric PAS pump to ensure parking will still be easy.

To ensure I could get some where close to the correct AFR I fitted an adjustable fuel regulator and upped the pressure from 43PSI to 65PSI to run along side the 2.0 fuel injectors.


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